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Date: 1 July to 30 September 2021  (now extended to end-Sept!)



Spend, scan and experience extraordinary! 


Buy a bottle of Penfolds Bins during the contest period and be among the lucky winners to win a host of attractive prizes (worth US$16,750 in total). The top spender for the contest will also walk away with prizes worth over US$1000!


Screenshot 2021-06-30 at 6.49.49 PM.png

Bin 2/ Bin 8 - 1 chance 

Bin 28/ Bin 128 - 2 chances

Bin 389 - 4 chances

Terms & Conditions for “Penfolds Experience Extraordinary” Contest


(1)           Contest Period

1.1           This “Penfolds Experience Extraordinary Contest” (“Contest”) organised by Treasury Wine Estates Asia Pte. Ltd. (“Organiser”) and managed by Iconic Management Pte. Ltd. (“Agency”) will run from 1 July to 30 September 2021 only, (“Contest Period”) at participating retailer in Cambodia.  


(2)           Contest Rules


2.1          This Contest will be governed by these Contest Rules. Each Contestant agrees that he/she has read and understood the Contest Rules and by their participation in the Contest, each Contestant agrees to the Contest Rules.


2.2          The Organiser reserves the right in its sole discretion, without prior notice, and without any liability to any person, at any time to change the Terms and Conditions, including to change the Contest Period, make Prize substitutions, cancel, terminate or suspend any prize or Contest in whole or in part.


2.3          You agree that your submission of an Entry shall constitute your acceptance of the Contest Rules, as may be amended or revised from time to time by the Organiser, by uploading the amended or revised Contest Rules on the official Contest Submission Page


(3)           Eligibility

3.1          This Contest is open to only Cambodian citizens and permanent residents residing in Cambodia and 18 years and above who are competent to contract under the applicable laws of Cambodia as at the start of the Contest Period. The Organiser reserves the right to request for identification documents to prove eligibility of a Contestant.


3.2          The following persons are not eligible to participate in the Contest:


(a)            Employees of the Organiser and its group of companies and their spouse, children, parents, siblings, and their spouses (“Immediate Family Members”); 


(b)           The Organiser’s agents and distributors;


(c)            Employees of the Organiser’s agents and distributors associated with the Contest and their Immediate Families Members;


(d)           All individuals commercially connected to the Organiser’s agents and distributors, including sponsors and representatives, and their Immediate Family Members.


(4)           Entry Method 

4.1          To participate in the Contest, contestant must purchase any Penfolds Bins range during the contest period in a single original valid receipt, as proof of purchase (“POP”) and submit it in accordance with Clause 4.7 below.


4.2          A POP means either a printed receipt from a Point-of-Sale system or an e-receipt for online purchase made from the qualifying vendor. Handwritten receipts will not be accepted. 

I.e. All Daily Drink, Apple Mart, Bayon 1, Bayon 2, Bayon 3, Cambodian Superstore, Chea Sreang Try, Chip Mong Supermarket Beong Kok, Chip Mong Supermarket Eden, Chip Mong Supermarket Monivong, Chip Mong Supermarket Norodom, Home Top Super Market, Liquor Palace Store 01, , Liquor Palace Store 02, , Liquor Palace Store 03, Mega Store, Mr.Market, N7TK, NC Market, Phnom Penh Superstore, Supercheap 360, Supercheap BKK, Supercheap National Road 01, Supercheap Sen Sok, Supercheap Toul TomPong, Supercheap Toul TomPong, Vatanak Super Market, Others


4.3          A POP must:


(a)            bear a receipt number and name and/or logo of the outlet where the Product(s) was purchased; and


(b)           be dated within the Contest Period (a proof of purchase dated before or after the Contest Period shall be disqualified).

4.4          You may submit more than 1 entry using the prescribed Online Entry Form described below. For every entry submitted, you must attach 1 POP. Each Online Entry Form with a valid POP will be treated as 1 entry (“Qualified Entry”).


4.5          You can only use the Online Entry Form at: to participate in the Contest. All other methods of submission including postal, or courier service will be disqualified.


4.6          Entry using Online Entry Form:


(a)            Snap a picture of the POP.


(b)           Complete the Online Entry Form with the required details at <> namely full name (as per NRIC), your identification number, date of birth, contact number, email address, retailer name, POP receipt number and total amount spend on Products in the Online Entry Form (“Completed Online Entry Form”). The Completed Online Entry Form must be submitted together with the uploaded picture of the POP.


(c)            The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify any Online Entry Form with insufficient or false entry details, inaccurate answers to any or both of the 2 questions provided, duplicated POP and/or containing more than 1 POP.


4.7          The Organiser WILL NOT send an acknowledgement report for any Online Entry Form received.


4.8          For any Online Entry Form received, the Organiser reserves the right to request for the hardcopy POP for verification and prize redemption. Failure to produce the hardcopy of the POP will result in disqualification and prize forfeiture.

4.9          The following entries will be disqualified:


(a)            unclear, incomplete, duplicate, false, fabricated, copies, illegible or incorrect entries;


(b)           entries that violate these Contest Rules or any applicable laws;


(c)        entries that provided inaccurate answers to any or both of the 2 questions provided in the online form


4.10       The Organiser reserves the right:


(a)            to disqualify any Contestant suspected of committing fraud, falsification, bribery, cheating or deception;


(b)           to disqualify any Contestant who is not eligible or unable to provide proof of eligibility to participate in the Contest for verification by Organiser;


(c)            to reject or disqualify any incomplete, invalid or inaccurate entry forms without giving any reason or cause,

without any liability or compensation whatsoever to any Contestant or any other party.


4.11       In the event of a disqualification after a prize in clause 4 has been awarded, the disqualified Contestant shall be liable to the return of the prize or payment of its value and any costs or damages incurred by the Organizer.


(5)           Prizes


5.1          The Organiser reserves the right to cancel, forfeit or cease the pay out of any prize at its discretion without assigning any reason, whether before or after the winner of the prize has been announced.


5.2          The award of prizes are entirely discretionary by the Organiser and shall not be deemed as a debt due by the Organiser to the winner or any of the Contestant or any other form of legal entitlement. Accordingly, the prize shall not be payable to any estate, heir or legal representative of any Contestant.


5.3          The Organiser reserves the right to determine how uncollected Prizes will be dealt with, in accordance with applicable law. The Organiser, its agents, sponsors and representatives shall not be liable to the Contestant who defaults in collecting the prize as instructed by the Organiser.


5.4          Prizes are strictly not transferable, assignable, exchangeable or redeemable by the Contestant in any other form or manner other than that specified by the Organiser.


5.5          Any applicable taxes shall be borne by a winning Contestant.


5.6          The Organizer reserves the right to select an alternative winner at its sole discretion at any time, where the Organizer has reasonable grounds for believing that the initially selected winner has contravened any of these Contest Rules. Any alternative winner will be selected applying the same criteria as that used to select the original winner or based on such criteria determined by the Organiser.


5.7          A Contestant can only win one of the following throughout the Contest Period:


(a)            1 of the Top Prize/Second Prize/Third Prize/ Fourth Prize or Special Prize only. If a Contestant wins a Top Spender Prize, he/she will also not be eligible to win any other prize. For the record, the top spender winner will be selected first followed by the Top Prize/Second Prize/Third Prize/ Fourth Prize or Special Prize at the end of the contest in that order.


5.8          All announced winners must claim their Prizes by 30th November 2021 failing which the Prize will be forfeited.


5.9          The Organiser retains the right to substitute any prize with another prize of similar value in the event the original prize offered is not available.


Serial Number


5.10       Running serial number will be allocated to each Qualified Entry based on the following order and priority:

1) Time submission of contest entry

2) Per Penfolds Bin 2/ Bin 8  Bottle = 1 running serial number

3) Per Penfolds Bin 28/ Bin 128  Bottle = 2 running serial number

4) Per Penfolds Bin 389 Bottle = 4 running serial numbers

Illustration 1

1 Qualified entry with purchases of 1 Penfolds Bin 2 bottle and 2 Bin 128 bottles = 5 sequential serial numbers (e.g. No. 7,8,9,10,11)


Illustration 2

1 Qualified entry with purchases of 2 Penfolds Bin 389 bottle = 8 sequential serial numbers (e.g. No. 20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27)


5.11       The serial numbers to be allocated will start from “1” and will be allocated based on the time received by the Organiser. If more than 1 Qualified Entry is received by the Organiser at the same time:


a) The POP with the earlier purchase date will be given the earlier serial number

b) If the qualified entries all have the same purchase date, the POP with the higher spending amount will be given the earlier serial number


Winner Selection


5.12       A physical draw on all serial numbers assigned during the draw period will be conducted at our authorised agency, Iconic Management’s office to select the winner at random.


5.13       The video recording of the draw will be taken and subsequently uploaded on the official contest page <> two (2) weeks from the end of the Contest Period for verification.


5.14       For the purpose of selecting the TOP SPENDER Prize winners, all valid entries will be combined, and the amount spent will be accumulated according to the Contestants’ registered email address to determine the TOP highest spender of Penfolds products during the contest period. All participation is subject to the organiser’s final decision.


Screenshot 2021-06-30 at 6.50.02 PM.png

5.15       The winners will be announced on the official contest page at <>; as and when the results are made available. Contestants are advised to check 2 weeks from the end of the Contest Period.


5.16       Prizes will be presented and delivered as follows:

(a)           All winning Contestants will be informed or contacted via phone call and electronic mail address

(b)           Winning contestant must produce their original Identification card as proof of identity to match their entry information during prize handover.

(c)        For all Prizes, winning Contestants will confirm location delivery and Organiser will arrange for Prize delivery to occur within 60 days from the contact referred to in Clause 5.16(a) above. You must accept and sign for the delivery at the location.



(6)           Intellectual Property Rights

6.1          All intellectual property rights in any contents and/or materials submitted, made or created by the Contestant in connection with the Contest and any derivative works arising therefrom will perpetually and unconditionally be vested in, assigned to and owned by the Organiser.


6.2          The Organiser has the right to use and modify such materials or works in any way it deems fit without compensation to the Contestant and the Contestant waives all rights he or she may have in such materials or works.


(7)           Personal Data Protection 

7.1          By participating in the Contest, you consent for the Organiser and Iconic Management Pte Ltd., their service providers, agents, contractors, sponsors, representatives and other relevant third parties who provide administrative and business support to us and act on our behalf in relation to the Contest (“Authorised Third Parties”) to process your personal data provided by you in the Entry or any other medium for purposes of the Contest, or any related marketing or promotional purposes. This includes:


(a)            disclosing your name to the general public when you are selected as a winner;


(b)           to participate in our events by publishing your name, photographs and other personal data without compensation for advertising and publicity purposes;


(c)            contacting and sending to you marketing and promotional information or materials about our products, services, samples, any promotions, events or contests organised by the Organiser.


7.2          In the event that you agree to share and disclose personal data of any third party (e.g., beneficiary), you confirm and represent to the Organiser that:


(a)            you have obtained the consent of that third party share and disclose his/her personal data to us and to being contacted by us; and


(b)           provided a copy of the Privacy Notice to the third party.


7.3           The Organiser may retain Authorised Third Parties to process your personal data. All such Authorised Third Parties are contractually bound to take reasonable measures to keep information secure.


7.4           Please note the Organiser requires your personal data in order to process your participation in the Contest, without which we will not be able to process your application.



(8)           General

8.1          The Organiser’s decision on all matters relating to the Contest including judging and selection of winners will be final, binding and conclusive on all Contestant, and no correspondence or appeals will be entertained.


8.2          All costs and expenses incurred or arising from the participation in the Contest shall be borne by the Contestant. The Organizer will not reimburse any Contestant for such costs or expenses.


8.3           The Organiser may extend or reduce the Contest Period at its sole discretion including to allow for more Qualified Entries to be selected or in response to insufficient number of Qualified Entries.


8.4           Proof of submission of an entry is not proof of receipt by the Organiser.


8.5           The Organiser shall not be liable for any delay, lost, damaged and/or non-receipt of an entry. The Organiser is not responsible for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction, unauthorized access to, or alteration of, user or member communications, or any problems or technical malfunction of our telecommunications network or lines, computer online systems, servers or providers, computer equipment, software, failure of e-mail or players on account of technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet.


8.6           Each Contestant agrees to indemnify, release and hold harmless each of the Organiser, Iconic Management, their directors, officers, employees, agents, sponsors and/or representatives against any and all losses, rights, claims, actions and damages (including special, indirect and consequential damages) arising from or incurred as a result of the Contestant’s participation in the Contest, acceptance of any Prize, and/or the use of the Contestant’s entry and/or likeness in connection with the Contest or violation of the Contest Rules.


8.7         The Contestant’s participation in the Contest shall be at the Contestant’s own risk. The Organiser, Iconic Management, their directors, officers, employees, agents, sponsors and/or representatives shall not be liable to any Contestant in respect of any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered, including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss, or for personal injury suffered or sustained by the Contestant arising out of or in connection with the participation by the Contestant in the Contest, as well as the redemption and/or utilisation of any Prize won.


8.8           All details relating to every entry, including the value and validity of the POP, question(s) answered, serial number and personal data of the Contestant are strictly confidential. The Organiser will not disclose such information to any Contestant or third party. The Organiser will also not issue any acknowledgement of any entry by any Contestant.

(9)          Publicity and General

9.1          The Organiser may use a Contestant’s entry including without limitation, photos, drawings, text, and any other content or information submitted for purposes of the Contest (“Materials”), and the Contestant’s name, and/or preferences, for advertising, publicity and promotion of any goods or services of the Organiser, for an unlimited time throughout the world without compensation, and in any media. The Contestant shall do all things necessary to give effect to this if requested by the Organiser.


9.2          Acceptance of any prize shall constitute consent on the winner’s part to allow the use of the winner’s name, photo, image, voice and/or likeness by The Organiser for editorial, advertising, promotional, marketing and/or other purposes without further compensation except where prohibited by law.


9.3      Contestants shall not be entitled to assign any of the rights or sub-contract any of the obligations herein. The Organiser shall be entitled to assign or sub-license the whole or any part of its rights hereunder to any third party as may be determined by the Organiser.


9.4       The invalidity, illegality or unenforceability of any terms hereunder shall not affect or impair the continuation in force of the Contest Rules.

9.5       The Contest Rules shall be construed, governed and interpreted in accordance to the laws of Cambodia.

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