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•To qualify for top spender prize, the same National ID must be used when entering the contest.


Other terms and conditions apply. The full copy of T&C can be found here.


Participating outlets as listed below.


All Daily Drink

Apple Mart

Bayon 1 

Bayon 2

Bayon 3

Cambodian Superstore

Chea Sreang Try

Chip Mong Supermarket Beong Kok

Chip Mong Supermarket Eden

Chip Mong Supermarket Monivong

Chip Mong Supermarket Norodom

Home Top Super Market

Liqour Palace Store 01

Liqour Palace Store 02

Liqour Palace Store 03

Mega Store



NC Market

Phnom Penh Superstore

Supercheap 360

Supercheap BKK

Supercheap National Road 01

Supercheap Sen Sok

Supercheap Toul TomPong

Vatanak Super Market 


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