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Sea Change Wine and The Better Diamond have a shared goal: to help consumers make informed, sustainable consumption choices.

Both organisations provide alternative consumption choices that help protect the planet and give back to it, rather than take from it.

With a focus on sustainability, their goals align with Cold Storage, making it the perfect retail partner for this promotion.

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Lover of Wine. Protector of Oceans.


Sea Change Wine combines a love of great wine with the desire to do something to help protect our oceans from

plastic pollution.

Turning the tide on plastic pollution is only going to happen if everyone makes changes, even small ones, which include the wine consumer's drink.

Hundreds of millions of plastic capsules are used every year on wine bottles –non-recyclable, non-biodegradable, and worst of all, non-necessary. Sea Change has removed all this unnecessary plastic packaging and additionally donates to marine charities with every bottle sold, making Sea Change a wine choice that delivers a clear tangible environmental benefit.

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The Better Diamond, founded in 2019, was one of the first of its kind in Singapore, to redefine the diamond industry.

The traditional diamond industry lacks transparency and is often laced with plunder and human rights violations.

Through lab grown diamonds, The Better Diamond offer a more sustainable and ethical alternative to conventional natural diamonds. Not only are lab grown diamonds more ethical and environmentally viable, they are also chemically and physically identical to natural diamonds.

This contest has officially ended.

The final winners are as follow:

1st runner up winner: Poppy King

Grand Prize winner: Grace Bu YueYang

A copy of the draw recording can be viewed via the following link:

Thank you for your participation!

*Terms and conditions apply. The full copy of T&C can be viewed here

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with Sea Change & Cold Storage


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Follow Us:

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